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1. Application of a metric for complex polynomials to bounded modification of planar Pythagorean-hodograph curves

3. Construction of planar quintic Pythagorean-hodograph curves by control-polygon constraints

4. On the construction of polynomial minimal surfaces with Pythagorean normals

7. Identifying Pythagorean-Hodograph Curves Closest to Prescribed Planar Bézier Curves

9. Real-time compensation of backlash positional errors in CNC machines by localized feedrate modulation

10. Real-time needle guidance for venipuncture based on optical coherence tomography

11. Planar projections of spatial Pythagorean-hodograph curves

14. Accurate Real-time CNC Curve Interpolators Based Upon Richardson Extrapolation

15. Spatial C 2 closed loops of prescribed arc length defined by Pythagorean-hodograph curves

16. Approximation of monotone clothoid segments by degree 7 Pythagorean–hodograph curves

18. Singular cases of planar and spatial C 1 Hermite interpolation problems based on quintic Pythagorean-hodograph curves

19. Inverse dynamics toolpath compensation for CNC machines based on model predictive control


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