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5. A functional genomic framework to elucidate novel causal non-alcoholic fatty liver disease genes

6. On Constructions of Fractal Spaces Using Replacement and the Combinatorial Loewner Property

7. Universal Differentiability Sets in Laakso Space

8. The PLATO Mission

9. Approximation-Aware Bayesian Optimization

10. Numerical scheme for the solution of the 'bad' Boussinesq equation

11. Defect-assisted reversible phase transition in mono- and few-layer ReS$_2$

12. Efficient estimation of target population treatment effect from multiple source trials under effect-measure transportability

13. Proximal indirect comparison

14. Solving Quantified Boolean Formulas with Few Existential Variables

15. The spectral genus of an isolated hypersurface singularity and a conjecture relating to the Milnor number

16. Chemical disorder effects on the Gilbert damping of FeCo alloys

17. Emerging Advancements in 6G NTN Radio Access Technologies: An Overview

18. Topological magnon in exchange frustration driven incommensurate spin spiral of a kagome lattice YMn$_6$Sn$_6$

19. Efficient discretization of the Laplacian on complex geometries

20. Soft contributions to the thermal Higgs width across an electroweak phase transition


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