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1. Spearheading Environmental Change : The Legacy of Indiana Congressman Floyd J. Fithian

2. The Defoliation of America : Agent Orange Chemicals, Citizens, and Protests

3. Vanishing America : Species Extinction, Racial Peril, and the Origins of Conservation

4. Circuit earth

5. The Wild and the Toxic : American Environmentalism and the Politics of Health

6. Lincoln and the Natural Environment

7. Facing It : Epiphany and Apocalypse in the New Nature

8. The Republican Reversal : Conservatives and the Environment From Nixon to Trump

9. The Ecocentrists : A History of Radical Environmentalism

10. The Myth of Silent Spring : Rethinking the Origins of American Environmentalism

11. Sustainability and the American Naturalist Tradition : Revisiting Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, and Edward O. Wilson

12. Escaping the Dark, Gray City : Fear and Hope in Progressive-Era Conservation

14. First along the river : a brief history of the U.S. environmental movement

15. This Is Our Land : Grassroots Environmentalism in the Late Twentieth Century

16. Greening the Red, White, and Blue : The Bomb, Big Business, and Consumer Resistance in Postwar America

17. Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy

18. Banning DDT : How Citizen Activists in Wisconsin Led the Way

19. Loving Nature, Fearing the State : Environmentalism and Antigovernment Politics Before Reagan

20. The Environmental Moment : 1968-1972


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