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1. Racial Discrimination and Administrative Burden in Access to Public Services

2. Patient experience of partnership: What is the relative value of interpersonal skill?

3. Rapid neuroplasticity changes and response to intravenous ketamine: a randomized controlled trial in treatment-resistant depression

4. Continuing Contributions of Field Epidemiology Training Programs to Global COVID-19 Response

5. Field epidemiology training programs contribute to COVID-19 preparedness and response globally

6. The ~1.4 Ga A-type granitoids in the 'Chottanagpur crustal block' (India), and its relocation from Columbia to Rodinia?

7. The causal impact of local weather anomalies on beliefs about the occurrence of climate change

8. Biodiversity and patents: Overview of plants and fungi covered by patents

9. Molecules from nature: Reconciling biodiversity conservation and global healthcare imperatives for sustainable use of medicinal plants and fungi

10. Socioeconomic Status, Race, and Public Support for School Integration

11. Barriers and Opportunities for Concussion Communication and Management in Youth Sports: A qualitative study

12. A qualitative study of barriers and opportunities for concussion communication and management among parents of youth sports athletes

13. Joint External Evaluation—Development and Scale-Up of Global Multisectoral Health Capacity Evaluation Process

14. Science teachers’ data use practices: A descriptive analysis


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