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1. Conformational Fluctuations and Induced Orientation of a Protein, Its Solvation Shell, and Bulk Water in Weak Non-Unfolding External Electric Fields.

2. Theoretical description of the electrical double layer for a mixture of n ionic species with arbitrary size and charge asymmetries. I. Spherical geometry.

3. Hexagonal Close-Packed Polar-Skyrmion Lattice in Ultrathin Ferroelectric PbTiO_{3} Films.

4. Evaluating the Transition State Stabilization/Destabilization Effects of the Electric Fields from Scaffold Residues by a QM/MM Approach.

5. Experimental study on a solar-powered cogeneration system for freshwater and electricity production.

6. The dynamic risk spillover effects among carbon, renewable energy, and electricity markets based on the TVP-VAR-DY model.

7. Out-of-plane deformability and its coupling with electrostatics in biomembranes.

8. Orbital Polarization-Dependent Fragment Twist-Induced Intramolecular Electric-Field-Driven Charge Transfer.

9. Dynamic interactions of carbon trading, green certificate trading, and electricity markets: Insights from system dynamics modeling.

10. Cocrystal Prediction of Nifedipine Based on the Graph Neural Network and Molecular Electrostatic Potential Surface.

11. E2SVM: Electricity-Efficient SLA-aware Virtual Machine Consolidation approach in cloud data centers.

12. Effect of Peptide-Polymer Host-Guest Electrostatic Interactions on Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogels Structural and Mechanical Properties and Polymer Diffusivity.

13. Influence of an Intrinsically Disordered Region on Protein Domains Revealed by NMR-Based Electrostatic Potential Measurements.

14. Accelerating electrostatic particle-in-cell simulation: A novel FPGA-based approach for efficient plasma investigations.

15. Some inconvenient truths about decarbonization, the hydrogen economy, and power-to-X technologies.

16. Electrostatics introduce a trade-off between mesophilic stability and adaptation in halophilic proteins.

17. Electrostatic Smart Textiles for Braille-To-Speech Translation.

18. An electrostatic cluster guides Aβ40 fibril formation in sporadic and Dutch-type cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

19. Engineering of Methionine Adenosyltransferase Reveals Key Roles of Electrostatic Interactions in Enhanced Catalytic Activity.

20. Does the surface charge of the nanoparticles drive nanoparticle-cell membrane interactions?


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