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1. Eight poor copies (electric speech).

2. Dead metaphors and responsibilised bodies-in-transition: the implications of medical metaphors for understanding the consumption of preventative healthcare.

6. Paul B. Preciado and the Contamination of Genre.

7. How many deaths? Auto-bio-graphy as death-writing.

8. L’ unique et le texte. Derrida, Valéry, entre autres.

9. La question de la littérature chez Jacques Derrida : le droit fondamental et l’ ouverture du parergon.

10. Derrida and the potentiality of literature: Notes on Derrida’ s “The Law of Genre”.

11. This strange institution called performativity: Jacques Derrida, the anarchy of literature, and the counterinstitution of democracy.

12. Derrida et la littérature : une relation passionnelle.

13. "Je te parle dans ta langue, et c'est dans mon langage que je t'entends:" The Stranger's Linguistic Ingenuity.

14. Forms of Poetic Attention Poetics and the Gift: Reading Poetry from Homer to Derrida.

15. To do justice to Foucault: Foucault and Derrida in couples therapy with Freud.

16. A Différant Kind of Preaching: Derrida and the Deconstruction of Contemporary Homiletics.

17. Derrida and the exemplarity of literature.

20. Derrida and Modernism: A Review of Understanding Derrida, Understanding Modernism.


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