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4. A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: VIII -- Properties of 1687 Gaia selected members in 21 nearby clusters

6. Using Journey Maps as a Holistic, Reflective Approach to Capture Student Engineering Identity Experiences

7. Preparative Pre-Laboratory Online Resources for Effectively Managing Cognitive Load of Engineering Students

8. Review of Participatory Research Assent Procedures in School Psychology

10. Reading with Purpose: Selecting and Using Children's Literature for Inquiry and Engagement. Language and Literacy Series

12. Complex 33-beam simulated galactic cosmic radiation exposure impacts cognitive function and prefrontal cortex neurotransmitter networks in male mice

13. CAD -- Contextual Multi-modal Alignment for Dynamic AVQA

14. Ab initio quantum scattering calculations and a new potential energy surface for the HCl($X^1\Sigma^+$)-O$_{2}$($X^3\Sigma^-_g$) system: collision-induced line-shape parameters for O$_{2}$-perturbed R(0) 0-0 line in H$^{35}$Cl

15. The net promoter score: What should managers know?

20. GDNF gene therapy for alcohol use disorder in male non-human primates.


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