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1. Rapid Prototyping of 3D Printed, High Aspect Ratio, Low Noise Amplifier for Active Handheld Sensor Devices

2. Mitigation of fungicide pollution in detention ponds and vegetated ditches within a vine-growing area in Germany

3. Prioritizing stream types according to their potential risk to receive crop plant material — A GIS-based procedure to assist in the risk assessment of genetically modified crops and systemic insecticide residues

4. Mitigation of Biocide and Fungicide Concentrations in Flow-Through Vegetated Stream Mesocosms

5. Narrow pH Range of Surface Water Bodies Receiving Pesticide Input in Europe

6. Assessing the influence of vegetation on reduction of pesticide concentration in experimental surface flow constructed wetlands: Application of the toxic units approach

7. Optimizing GaInN/GaN light-emitting diode structures under piezoelectric polarization

8. Nanopatterned epitaxy of non-polar Ga1-yInyN layers with caps and voids

9. The Landau Stream Mesocosm Facility: pesticide mitigation in vegetated flow-through streams

10. Green Emitting Cubic GaInN/GaN Quantum Well Stripes on Micropatterned Si(001) and Their Strain Analysis

11. Effects of peak exposure scenarios on Gammarus fossarum using field relevant pesticide mixtures

12. (Invited) Growth of Non-Polar Cubic GaN on Common Si

13. (Invited) Group-III Nitrides to the Extreme --- from LEDs and Solar Cells to the Transistor

14. Pesticide risk mitigation by vegetated treatment systems: a meta-analysis

15. Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution in artificial wetland ecosystems

16. Geodata-Based Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Management of Pesticides in Germany: A Conceptual Framework


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