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6. Clinically Driven Alpha/Beta Ratios for Melanoma Brain Metastases and Investigation of Biologically Effective Dose as a Predictor for Local Control After Radiosurgery: A Proof of Concept in a Retrospective Longitudinal Series of 274 Consecutive Lesions

7. Predictive Analysis of Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes Using Machine Learning: A Karnataka TB Data Study at a Scale

8. NOVA: A visual interface for assessing polarizing media coverage

11. Hierarchical Unsupervised Topological SLAM

12. SegRap2023: A Benchmark of Organs-at-Risk and Gross Tumor Volume Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

13. Erratum: Towards a muon collider

16. FLTrojan: Privacy Leakage Attacks against Federated Language Models Through Selective Weight Tampering

17. Fully Automatic Segmentation of Gross Target Volume and Organs-at-Risk for Radiotherapy Planning of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

18. Structural Szemer\'edi-Trotter for Lattices and their Generalizations

19. VisActs: Describing Intent in Communicative Visualization


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