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1. Wood digestion in Pselactus spadix Herbst: a weevil attacking marine timber structures

2. The ship hull fouling penalty

3. The effects of foul-release coatings on the settlement and behaviour of cyprid larvae of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite Darwin

4. The development of a marine natural product-based antifouling paint

5. Synthesis and anti-barnacle activities of novel 3-isocyanotheonellin analogues

6. Silicone foul release coatings: Effect of the interaction of oil and coating functionalities on the magnitude of macrofouling attachment strengths

7. Pharmaceuticals as antifoulants: Concept and principles

8. Marine macrofouling: a review of control technology in the context of an on-line experiment in the turbine condenser water box of Al-Jubail Phase-I power/MSF plants

9. Is the mussel test a good indicator of antifouling activity? A comparison between laboratory and field assays

10. Involvement of acetyl choline in settlement of Balanus amphitrite

11. Hull fouling of maritime vessels as a pathway for marine species invasions to the Hawaiian Islands

12. Fouling of offshore structures in China: a review

13. Fouling and ships' hulls: How changing circumstances and spawning events may result in the spread of exotic species

14. Coatings based on side-chain ether-linked poly(ethylene glycol) and fluorocarbon polymers for the control of marine biofouling

15. Coating modulus and barnacle bioadhesion

16. Chemical control of bacterial epibiosis and larval settlement of Hydroides elegans in the red sponge Mycale adherens

17. Antifouling substances against larvae of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite from the marine sponge, Acanthella cavernosa

18. An overview of the biology of the wharf borer beetle (Nacerdes melanura L., Oedemeridae) a pest of wood in marine structures

19. A comparative evaluation of the regulation of GM crops or products containing dsRNA and suggested improvements to risk assessments

20. Effects of larval host diameter on body size, adult density, and parasitism of cerambycid beetles


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