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1. QCSHQD: Quantum computing as a service for Hybrid classical-quantum software development: A Vision

2. Public-private funding models in open source software development: A case study on scikit-learn

3. Evaluating Privacy Perceptions, Experience, and Behavior of Software Development Teams

4. When LLM-based Code Generation Meets the Software Development Process

5. DevBench: A Comprehensive Benchmark for Software Development

6. Rethinking Software Engineering in the Foundation Model Era: A Curated Catalogue of Challenges in the Development of Trustworthy FMware

7. A Large Scale Survey of Motivation in Software Development and Analysis of its Validity

8. Agile Requirement Change Management Model for Global Software Development

9. Best Practices for Facing the Security Challenges of Internet of Things Devices Focusing on Software Development Life Cycle

10. CodePori: Large Scale Model for Autonomous Software Development by Using Multi-Agents

12. Language-Driven Engineering An Interdisciplinary Software Development Paradigm

13. Systematic Mapping Protocol -- UX Design role in software development process

14. An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between SATD and Other Software Development Activities

15. ROS package search for robot software development: a knowledge graph-based approach

16. Exploring the intersection of Generative AI and Software Development

17. Towards Trustworthy AI Software Development Assistance

18. Secure Software Development: Issues and Challenges

19. Analyzing the concept of technical debt in the context of agile software development: A systematic literature review

20. Navigating Cultural Diversity: Barriers and Potentials in Multicultural Agile Software Development Teams


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