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1. A Way Through the Global Techno-Scientific Culture

3. Misbehavior in Cyber Places : The Regulation of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet

5. The Computer Culture Reader

7. God and the Chip : Religion and the Culture of Technology

8. Friend or Foe : Tackling the Issue of Social Media in Schools

10. Fostering Responsible Computing Research : Foundations and Practices

11. Multimodal Literacies in Young Emergent Bilinguals : Beyond Print-Centric Practices

12. Code for What? : Computer Science for Storytelling and Social Justice

13. Cyberwars in the Middle East

14. The Warehouse : Workers and Robots at Amazon

15. Profit Over Privacy : How Surveillance Advertising Conquered the Internet

16. Women in Tech : A Practical Guide to Increasing Gender Diversity and Inclusion

17. The Aakash tablet and technological imaginaries of mass education in contemporary India.

18. Technology and Sustainable Development : The Promise and Pitfalls of Techno-Solutionism (Edition 1)

19. ZX Spectrum Demoscene

20. O Juvenicídio brasileiro : racismo, guerra às drogas e prisões


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