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1. Migration and integration of middle-class Venezuelans in Costa Rica: Drivers, capitals, and livelihoods

3. Políticas de fragmentación vs. prácticas de articulación: limitaciones y retos del barrio como dispositivo de planificación neoliberal en Chile

4. Fragmentation policies vs. articulation practices: limitations and challenges of the neighborhood as a neoliberal planning device in Chile

5. City Making and Urban Governance in the Americas : Curitiba and Portland

7. Improving Global Planning Education by Centering the Experience of International Students in U.S. and Canadian Planning Schools

11. Revisiting Engels’ ‘housing question’: Work and housing conditions of immigrant platform delivery riders in Barcelona

12. Planning for Climate Change

13. Latin American smart cities: Between worlding infatuation and crawling provincialising

14. Planning for Climate Change

15. Latinxs in the Kansas City Metro Area: Policing and Criminalization in Ethnic Enclaves

17. Grabbed Urban Landscapes: Socio‐spatial Tensions in Green Infrastructure Planning in Medellín

18. Grabbed Urban Landscapes: Socio-spatial Tensions in Green Infrastructure Planning in Medellín

19. Coastal Urban Planning in The ‘Green Republic’: Tourism Development and the Nature-Infrastructure Paradox in Costa Rica

20. Patrimonio vivo: Documento de enfoque


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