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Chemical technology.

Chemical technology is concerned with the physical environment and devices in which chemical transformations or reactions are carried out, as well as the instrumentation and control systems that are used to monitor, analyze, and control those...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

1. Aplicación de los ultrasonidos de potencia en la etapa de batido de las pastas de aceitunas. Efecto sobre el rendimiento del proceso y características del aceite producido

2. Dual numerical solutions of Casson SA–hybrid nanofluid toward a stagnation point flow over stretching/shrinking cylinder

3. Recent advancements in polyoxometalate-functionalized fiber materials: A review

5. Numerical analysis of thermophoretic particle deposition in a magneto-Marangoni convective dusty tangent hyperbolic nanofluid flow – Thermal and magnetic features

6. A review of ternary polymer nanocomposites containing clay and calcium carbonate and their biomedical applications

7. CdSe/ZnS quantum dots as a booster in the active layer of distributed ternary organic photovoltaics

8. Enhanced feedback performance in off-resonance AFM modes through pulse train sampling

9. Numerical investigation of thermal radiation with entropy generation effects in hybrid nanofluid flow over a shrinking/stretching sheet

10. Novel polymer-based hydrogels of recent research in drug delivery for disease treatment related to SARS-CoV-2 virus

11. Experimental investigation of yield and hysteresis behaviour of an epoxy resin under cyclic compression in the large deformation regime

12. Accelerator and zinc-free prevulcanized latex based on natural rubber-bearing benzyl chloride groups

13. Evaluating the influence of chemical composition and morphology of waxes on the fusion behaviour of rigid PVC

14. Efficient single-step reactive compatibilization of hemp flour-reinforced PLA/TPS blends: Exploring eco-friendly alternatives and bio-based compatibilizers from maleinized hemp oil

15. Friction composite formulation from Lycium ferocissimum fibers as natural reinforcement for braking applications

16. Research progress of environment-responsive hydrogel applications in agriculture

17. Highly safe lithium vanadium oxide anode for fast-charging dendrite-free lithium-ion batteries

18. Energy and mass transmission through hybrid nanofluid flow passing over a spinning sphere with magnetic effect and heat source/sink

19. Josephson dynamics and Shapiro steps at high transmissions: current bias regime

20. Surface treatment with nano-silica and magnesium potassium phosphate cement co-action for enhancing recycled aggregate concrete


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