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3. Crosstalk between metabolism and cell death in tumorigenesis.

4. Protective role of RIPK1 scaffolding against HDV-induced hepatocyte cell death and the significance of cytokines in mice.

5. Sodium arsenite and arsenic trioxide differently affect the oxidative stress of lymphoblastoid cells: An intricate crosstalk between mitochondria, autophagy and cell death.

6. Hydrogen sulfide regulates arsenic-induced cell death in yeast cells by modulating the antioxidative system.

7. Mitochondrial‐targeting effector RsIA_CtaG/Cox11 in Rhizoctonia solani AG‐1 IA has two functions: plant immunity suppression and cell death induction mediated by a rice cytochrome c oxidase subunit.

12. Anti-CD99 Antibody Therapy Triggers Macrophage-Dependent Ewing Cell Death In Vitro and Myeloid Cell Recruitment In Vivo.


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