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1. Aligning Organizational Priorities and System Policies to Support Implementation Scale-Up of a Tailored Classroom-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Low-Resource Schools

3. Classroom-Based Strategies to Reduce Disparities in Physical Activity among Children with Asthma

6. Patterning of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior at and Away from School in Preadolescent Children

10. An exploratory analysis examining differences in physical activity and motor competence in children with and without asthma: brief report.

18. Variability In Implementation Of A Classroom-based Physical Activity Intervention: Implications For Disparities In Pediatric Physical Activity Participation: 2829 Board #112 June 1 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM

19. Closing the Gap Between Classroom-Based Physical Activity Intervention Adoption and Fidelity in Low-Resource Schools.


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