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Antisemitism, or anti-Semitism, is discrimination against, or prejudice toward, Jewish people. Although the term antisemitism was first used in the late 1800s, prejudice against Jewish people has existed for thousands of years. The term...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

1. Antisemitism : A History

3. Antisemitism : A Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution [2 Volumes]

4. Challenging Antisemitism : Lessons From Literacy Classrooms

5. Medieval Antisemitism?

6. On Antisemitism : Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice

7. Resurgent Antisemitism : Global Perspectives

8. Antisemitism Explained

9. Antisemitism in Canada : History and Interpretation

10. Contemporary Antisemitism : Canada and the World

11. Antisemitism Today and Tomorrow : Global Perspectives on the Many Faces of Contemporary Antisemitism

14. From Antisemitism to Anti-Zionism : The Past & Present of a Lethal Ideology

16. Antisemitism in America

17. The EU's Combating Antisemitism Policy: Agenda Setting and the Making of a 'European Polity'.

18. Deciphering the New Antisemitism

19. European Muslim Antisemitism : Why Young Urban Males Say They Don't Like Jews


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