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Air Pollution.

Air pollution, or the contamination of the atmosphere with harmful substances, is generated from natural and human-made sources. Natural sources of air pollution include gases, particulate matter from volcanoes, decomposing organic matter, pollen...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2024. 3p.

1. Air Pollution : Management Strategies, Environmental Impact and Health Risks

2. Air Pollution: Sources, Prevention, and Health Effects

3. Air Pollution : Economic Modelling and Control Policies

6. Long-term exposure to air pollution and incidence of gastric and the upper aerodigestive tract cancers in a pooled European cohort: The ELAPSE project

8. The longitudinal associations between ambient air pollution exposure and dementia in the UK: results from the cognitive function and ageing study II and Wales.

9. The changing health effects of air pollution exposure for respiratory diseases: a multicity study during 2017–2022.

12. Vector autoregressive clustering for redundancy analysis in air pollution monitoring networks at Türkiye.

16. Air Pollution XXVIII

17. Air Pollution Studies

18. Household Air Pollution Related to Housing Characteristics and Cooking Conditions in Jimma Town, Ethiopia.

19. Implementation of IoT-Based Control System for Maintenance Operation of Long-Distance Air Pollution Prevention Device RTO


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