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2. Reconnect : Building School Culture for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging

3. Mindful Social Studies : Frameworks for Social Emotional Learning and Critically Engaged Citizens

4. Students Taking Action Together : 5 Teaching Techniques to Cultivate SEL, Civic Engagement, and a Healthy Democracy

5. Developing Trauma-Informed Teachers: Creating Classrooms That Foster Equity, Resiliency, and Asset-Based Approaches: Reflections on Curricula and Program Implementation

7. Tuning the Student Mind : A Journey in Consciousness-Centered Education

8. Love in Education & the Art of Living

9. Civility, Compassion, and Courage in Schools Today : Strategies for Implementing in K-12 Classrooms

10. Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning : Research and Practice

14. Handbook of social and emotional learning: research and practice

16. The soul of education: helping students find connection, compassion, and character at school

17. Perceiving, behaving, becoming: lessons learned

19. The Soul of Education : Helping Students Find Connection, Compassion, and Character at School

20. Promoting Social and Emotional Learning : Guidelines for Educators


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