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2. TOI-2447 b / NGTS-29 b: a 69-day Saturn around a Solar analogue

3. The XUV-driven escape of the planets around TOI-431 & $\nu^2$ Lupi

4. The TESS SPOC FFI Target Sample Explored with Gaia

5. The positional probability and true host star identification of TESS exoplanet candidates

6. Sandwiched planet formation: restricting the mass of a middle planet

7. Deformation Localisation in Ion-Irradiated FeCr

8. TOI-332 b: a super dense Neptune found deep within the Neptunian desert

9. Transit Timing Variations in the three-planet system: TOI-270

10. Microstructural and material property changes in severely deformed Eurofer-97

11. Dose and compositional dependence of irradiation-induced property change in FeCr

12. Discovery and characterisation of two Neptune-mass planets orbiting HD 212729 with TESS

13. TOI-908: a planet at the edge of the Neptune desert transiting a G-type star


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