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2. Treating an Established Episode of Delirium in Palliative Care: Expert Opinion and Review of the Current Evidence Base With Recommendations for Future Development

3. Translational strategies for therapeutic development in nicotine addiction: Rethinking the conventional bench to bedside approach

4. Role of the endocannabinoid system in brain functions relevant for schizophrenia: An overview of human challenge studies with cannabis or Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

5. Practical Assessment of Delirium in Palliative Care

6. Neurocognitive endophenotypes in schizophrenia: Modulation by nicotinic receptor systems

7. Ethical Challenges and Solutions Regarding Delirium Studies in Palliative Care

8. End-of-Life Delirium: Issues Regarding Recognition, Optimal Management, and the Role of Sedation in the Dying Phase

9. Delirium Diagnostic and Classification Challenges in Palliative Care: Subsyndromal Delirium, Comorbid Delirium-Dementia, and Psychomotor Subtypes

10. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Delirium Management: Potential Application in Palliative Care

11. Cannabis abuse in adolescence and the risk of psychosis: A brief review of the preclinical evidence

12. Can antipsychotic treatment contribute to drug addiction in schizophrenia?

13. An Analytical Framework for Delirium Research in Palliative Care Settings: Integrated Epidemiologic, Clinician-Researcher, and Knowledge User Perspectives

14. ADHD, altered dopamine neurotransmission, and disrupted reinforcement processes: Implications for smoking and nicotine dependence

15. A Relational Ethical Approach to End-of-Life Delirium

16. Moyens non pharmacologiques et douleurs: quelle égalité d'accès pour les patients ? / Non-pharmacological methods and pain: is there equal access for patients?

17. Infirmiers ressource douleur et pratiques avancées: mythe ou réalité ? / Pain resource nurses and advanced practices: Myth or reality?

18. Symposium der Paul-Martini-Stiftung in verbindung mit der Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina über Innovative Therapien in der Palliativmedizin / Symposium of the Paul Martini Foundation in Conjunction with the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina on Innovative Therapies in Palliative Care

19. Vigilance sanitaire et agences régionales de santé: quelle évaluation régionale du risque d'abus et d'addiction aux stupéfiants et aux psychotropes ? / Health vigilance, regional health agencies and regional evaluation of risk of drug abuse and psychotropic drug misuse in France

20. Plans de gestion des risques: bilan des premières expériences en addictovigilance / Risk management programms : results of first addictovigilance studies

21. The chimeric gene CHRFAM7A, a partial duplication of the CHRNA7 gene, is a dominant negative regulator of α7*nAChR function

22. Targeting the nicotinic alpha7 acetylcholine receptor to enhance cognition in disease

23. Successful methylphenidate treatment of early onset extreme obesity in a child with a melanocortin-4 receptor gene mutation and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

24. Research update: Alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease

25. Positive allosteric modulators as an approach to nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-targeted therapeutics: Advantages and limitations

26. Pharmacotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Systematic Review

27. Naturally-expressed nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes

28. Mechanistic insights into nicotine withdrawal

29. Kinetic studies of drug―protein interactions by using peak profiling and high-performance affinity chromatography: Examination of multi-site interactions of drugs with human serum albumin columns

30. Innovative Therapien in der Hepatologie

31. Sex Differences in Animal Models of Depression and Antidepressant Response

32. Searching for new animal models of Alzheimer's disease

33. Opioid Detection in Maternal and Neonatal Hair and Meconium: Characterization of an At-Risk Population and Implications to Fetal Toxicology

34. Neurocognition in bipolar disorders—A closer look at comorbidities and medications

35. Major depression, cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease: Is there a link?

36. From vasotocin to stress and cognition

37. Development and validation of a HPLC method for the determination of sertraline and three non-chiral related impurities

38. Depression and Alzheimer's disease: Neurobiological links and common pharmacological targets

39. Cognitive impairment in major depression

40. Annual Meeting of the International Society for Neurostimulation

41. Annual Meeting of the International Society for Neurostimulation

42. Agreement Between the Fatty Acid Ethyl Ester HairTestfor Alcohol and Social Workers' Reports

44. Le récepteur opioïde delta: une nouvelle cible thérapeutique pour la douleur mais plus encore.. / The delta opioid receptor: a novel therapeutic target for pain and even more..

45. nAChR agonist-induced cognition enhancement: Integration of cognitive and neuronal mechanisms

46. Time to Psychiatric Hospitalization in Patients With Bipolar Disorder Treated With a Mood Stabilizer and Adjunctive Atypical Antipsychotics: A Retrospective Claims Database Analysis

47. TC-5619: An alpha7 neuronal nicotinic receptor-selective agonist that demonstrates efficacy in animal models of the positive and negative symptoms and cognitive dysfunction of schizophrenia

48. Sexual response models in women

49. Psychotherapeutic interventions for female sexual dysfunction

50. Progesterone, progestogens and psychosomatic health of the climacteric woman


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