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1. Attributing Human Traits to Other Species as Alignment Work: Exploring Possibilities of a Terrestrial Knowledge Production.

4. "Transgender Frogs Turn Your Son Gay": Endangered Amphibians, Estrogenic Pollution, and Male Extinction.

8. Learning Technology Systems in Everyday Life: Women’s Experiences Navigating Refugee Resettlement in the United States.

10. Saving Lives With Gender Studies? Putting Technofeminism Into Practice.

15. User Participation as a Matter of Care. The Configuration of Older Users in the Design of Assistive Technologies

18. Phyto-Innervations: An Ethnography at the Margins of Plant Science

21. Unintended by Design: On the Political Uses of 'Unintended Consequences'

29. Imagining Alternative and Better Worlds: Isabel Fletcher Talks with Adele E. Clarke

31. Shear Stress Response of KRIT-1 Knockdown Endothelial Cells and In Vitro Hydrogel Model of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations; False Dichotomies: Cultural Bias in Medical Models

33. How vaccines come to matter: A feminist STS encounter with the politics of vaccines

36. Introduction

37. Situating STS and Thinking Ahead

38. Epistemology, Activism, and Entanglement - Rethinking Knowledge Production

43. The Swedish Abortion Pill: Co-Producing Medical Abortion and Values, ca. 1965–1992

44. Networked trafficking: reflections on technology and the anti-trafficking movement / Le trafic en réseau : réflexions sur la technologie et le mouvement anti-trafic

47. Thinking with attachments: Appreciating a generative analytic

48. How vaccines come to matter: A feminist STS encounter with the politics of vaccines

49. The Role Of Digital Spaces in Caring For Children With Feeding Tubes: Home, Family, and Community Reconsidered

50. Timing is everything: The demarcation of 'later' abortions in Scotland / La démarcation des avortements tardif en Ecosse


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