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1. Current Approaches to Improving Consensus Decision-Making Mechanisms in International Regional Organizations

2. The Eurasian Economic Union and Multipolar Globalization

3. Transparency of Information about the CSTO Collective Security Regions in the Context of Hybrid Warfare and Cognitive Security

4. Information Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation: Directions for Ensuring and Ways to Improve them

5. Strategy for Socio-economic Cross-border Cooperation in the Regional Context (the Example of the Omsk Region and the Republic of Kazakhstan)

6. Current Challenges of International Legal Regulation of EAEU — China Partnership in Transport and Logistics

7. International Practice of Liner Container Shipping Regulation in the Transport System

8. Experience and Prospects for the Development of Russian-Tajik Cooperation in the Field of Education

9. Improving the Legal Regulation of Indirect Judicial Jurisdiction in the Eurasian Economic Union

10. Legal Regulation of Parallel Import in the States of the Eurasian Region

11. Institutional Regulation of the CIS Observer Mission in Election Campaigns and Coverage of Its Activities in the Media

12. Features of the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the Regional Integration Systems of the EAEU Countries

13. Eurasian Business in Developing Eurasian Economic Integration

15. To the Question of the Methodology for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integration Associations on the Example of ASEAN and EAEU

16. South-South cooperation and food security: Evidence from Chinese agricultural technology demonstration Center in Africa

17. Nexus between ECO-Innovation, Human Development and CO2 Emissions

18. Bookstagram Tours: Redefining Social Media Marketing in the Publishing Industry in Romania

19. Post Pandemic Social and Enviormental Resolutions for Romania - New Challenges and Old Methods in the Race for Poverty End and Planetary Resurgence

20. Migratory Flows on a Global Scale. An Overview

21. Trends and Analyzes regarding Vulnerabilities in the Agricultural Sector. A Bibliometric Study

22. What Links Retail to Modernity? The Future of Retail - Romanian Case Study A combined Analysis of Consumer Perceptions and AI Insights

23. The Effects of the Pandemic on Romanian Incoming Tourism

24. Can targeted poverty alleviation reduce criminal offenses? Empirical evidence from China judgments online data

25. Self-rated health of the older population in Estonia and Russia: the impact of ethnic, cross-country differences and age at migration

26. Green credit policy, credit discrimination and corporate debt financing

27. Evaluation Criteria for Undercounting of Age-Specific Suicide Mortality

28. Sociodemographic and behavioral factors of pre-obesity and obesity among adult Russians

29. Modern Contraception in Pakistan: A Cross-Sectional Study

30. Why Should We Pay Attention to Working Capital Management? A Case of Ghana

31. Negative Media Coverage and Corporate ESG Performance: Evidence from China

32. International related-party trade, institutional differences and performance of foreign-funded enterprises

33. Emissions cap and structural adjustment11 The authors acknowledge financial support from the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 72341008, 72341011, 72121002) and Ministry of Education Project of Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities in China (No. 22JJD790058, 22JJD790013).

34. Analysis of the evolution of the net investments and constructions carried out in Romania at the end of 2023

35. Financial effect of remittances

36. Impact of final consumption, domestic investment, exports, and imports on economic growth in Albania

37. Two decades of research on affiliate marketing: a systematic literature review

38. Brazilian soybeans: quo vadis?

39. The importance of resource efficiency indicators in assessing eco-innovation in the European Union countries

40. Ownership type and technical efficiency of banks in Côte d’Ivoire: parametric and non-parametric evidence

41. ESG risk rating disagreement: implications on portfolio performance

42. Redefining wine brand engagement through influencer marketing and ephemeral content

43. Evaluation of the event study in the case of mergers and acquisitions

44. The unemployment rate and the future of the employment market in Romania The impact of inflation A study on the Romanian post-pandemic economy dominated by uncertainty

45. Financial anxiety and inflation: a burden for informal workers

46. Twitter sentiments and stock indices returns with reference to nifty energy indices of India

47. Day-of-the-week and weekend effects on stock market returns: an investigation through review of literature

48. Drifting away from market efficiency: the presence of the January effect in the U.S. stock market

49. Nexus between political federalism, social diversity and human development in India

50. The economic efficiency of waste management policies


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