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7. Findings of a U.S. National Cardiometabolic Screening Program Among 10,084 Psychiatric Outpatients

8. Medical Services for Clients in Community Mental Health Centers: Results From a National Survey

9. Monitoring Patient Improvement and Treatment Outcomes in Managed Behavioral Health

10. Treatment for substance use disorders in a privately insured population under managed care

11. Patterns of medical resource and psychotropic medicine use among adult depressed managed behavioral health patients

12. Remission, Residual Symptoms, and Nonresponse in the Usual Treatment of Major Depression in Managed Clinical Practice

13. The impact of evidence-based guideline dissemination for the assessment and treatment of major depression in a managed behavioral health care organization

14. Predictive Models and the Effectiveness of Strategies for Improving Outpatient Follow-Up Under Managed Care

15. Mental Health Costs and Access Under Alternative Capitation Systems in Colorado

16. The Impact of Prior Authorization on Outpatient Utilization in Managed Behavioral Health Plans

17. More Evidence For The Insurability Of Managed Behavioral Health Care

18. Mental health costs and outcomes under alternative capitation systems in Colorado: early results

19. The association between body mass and health care expenditures

20. Awareness of Illness in Schizophrenia and Outpatient Treatment Adherence

21. Planning and implementation of capitated mental health programs in the public sector

22. Symptom heterogeneity in comorbid alcohol disorder

23. Managed care in the public mental health system

24. The California adult performance outcome survey: Preliminary evidence on reliability and validity

25. An Analysis of Capitation for Mental Health Services

26. Mental Health Benefits In The Clinton Plan

27. A Specialized Mental Health Plan for Persons With Severe Mental Illness Under Managed Competition

28. Correlates of Patterns of Substance Abuse Among Patients With Schizophrenia

29. Managed Care: Toward Open-Source Practices in Managed Behavioral Health

30. Characteristics associated with legal status change among psychiatric patients

31. Prevalence Estimates of Substance Abuse in Schizophrenia and their Correlates

32. The effect of contracting on the cost of public mental health services in California

33. Economic grand rounds: policy implications of adverse selection in a preferred-provider organization carve-out after parity

34. Profiling hospitals for length of stay for treatment of psychiatric disorders

35. Clinical practice variations in prescribing antipsychotics for patients with schizophrenia

36. A four-year study of enhancing outpatient psychotherapy in managed care

37. Two-Year Outcomes of Fee-for-Service and Capitated Medicaid Programs for People with Severe Mental Illness

38. Patients' and providers' perceptions of outpatient treatment termination in a managed behavioral health organization

40. Does managing behavioral health care services increase the cost of providing medical care?

41. Outpatient utilization patterns of integrated and split psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy for depression

42. Mental Health Services Research

43. An instrument for measurement of outcomes of care for schizophrenia. Issues in development and implementation

44. Substance abuse, community service use, and symptom severity of urban and rural residents with schizoprhenia

45. Medication noncompliance and substance abuse among patients with schizophrenia

46. Comorbid substance use disorder: prevalence, patterns of use, and course

47. A longitudinal study of substance use and community violence in schizophrenia

48. Violent and destructive behavior among the severely mentally ill in rural areas: evidence from Arkansas' community mental health system

49. Remission and relapse of substance use disorders in schizophrenia. Results from a one-year prospective study

50. Shifting the responsibility for payment for state hospital services to community mental health agencies


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