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1. Same but different: Larval development and gall-inducing process of a non-pollinating fig wasp compared to that of pollinating fig-wasps

2. Specialization and phenological synchrony of plant-pollinator interactions along an altitudinal gradient

3. Soil fertility and parasitoids shape herbivore selection on plants

4. Smooth bark surfaces can defend trees against insect attack: resurrecting a 'slippery' hypothesis

5. Simulated climate warming alters phenological synchrony between an outbreak insect herbivore and host trees

6. Short-term spatial stability in trophic interactions

7. Secondary dispersal by ants promotes forest regeneration after deforestation

8. Seasonal phenology of interactions involving short-lived annual plants, a multivoltine herbivore and its endoparasitoid wasp

9. Roles of the volatile terpene, 1,8-cineole, in plant-herbivore interactions: a foraging odor cue as well as a toxin?

10. Restoration of a megaherbivore: landscape-level impacts of white rhinoceros in Kruger National Park, South Africa

11. Reciprocal interactions between native and introduced populations of common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca, and the specialist aphid, Aphis nerii

12. Plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by insect herbivore chewing

13. Plant-associated bacteria degrade defense chemicals and reduce their adverse effects on an insect defoliator

14. Plant traits predict inter- and intraspecific variation in susceptibility to herbivory in a hyperdiverse Neotropical rain forest tree community

15. Plant-animal interactions in suburban environments: implications for floral evolution

16. Plant diversity effects on pollinating and herbivorous insects can be linked to plant stoichiometry

17. Plant diversity increases herbivore movement and vulnerability to predation

18. Plant damage and herbivore performance change with latitude for two old-field plant species, but rarely as predicted

19. Phylogenetic tree shape and the structure of mutualistic networks

20. Phenological synchrony between a plant and a specialised herbivore


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