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7. Findings of a U.S. National Cardiometabolic Screening Program Among 10,084 Psychiatric Outpatients

8. Medical Services for Clients in Community Mental Health Centers: Results From a National Survey

9. Monitoring Patient Improvement and Treatment Outcomes in Managed Behavioral Health

10. Treatment for substance use disorders in a privately insured population under managed care

11. Patterns of medical resource and psychotropic medicine use among adult depressed managed behavioral health patients

12. Remission, Residual Symptoms, and Nonresponse in the Usual Treatment of Major Depression in Managed Clinical Practice

13. The impact of evidence-based guideline dissemination for the assessment and treatment of major depression in a managed behavioral health care organization

14. Predictive Models and the Effectiveness of Strategies for Improving Outpatient Follow-Up Under Managed Care

15. Mental Health Costs and Access Under Alternative Capitation Systems in Colorado

16. The Impact of Prior Authorization on Outpatient Utilization in Managed Behavioral Health Plans

17. More Evidence For The Insurability Of Managed Behavioral Health Care

18. Mental health costs and outcomes under alternative capitation systems in Colorado: early results

19. The association between body mass and health care expenditures

20. Awareness of Illness in Schizophrenia and Outpatient Treatment Adherence


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