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3. Prototyping of vibration-sensing-actuation device to realization of future intelligent infrastructure

4. Experimental identification of a lumped mass-spring system based on maximum likelihood estimation using steady response distribution of Fokker-Planck equation

8. 2A12 Maximizing Individual Learning in the Advanced Engineering Course at the College of Technology -Objectives and Features of the National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College's New Curriculum-

23. Identification of linear 1-dof system based on the maximum likelihood estimation using the analytical solution of Fokker-Planck equation

24. Identification of nonlinear spring coefficient in asymmetric nonlinear system using auto-regressive time series analysis

43. Proposal of the pipe diagnosis method using in-plane bending vibration of cylindrical shell

64. Transition between synchronization and anti-synchronization states of 2-equivalent-mass oscillators which has a movable mass at the edge

65. Nonlinear mechanical system identification method using auto-regression time series analysis

86. Prototyping Using a Mobile Robot Platform Equipped with Low-End In-Wheel Motors

89. Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform Equipped with a Drive Unit Consisting of Low-End In-Wheel Motors

100. Development of landslide sign detection using longitudinal vibration mode of elastic bar is subjected to ground soil elastic force


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