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2. Heretics in Revolutionary China : The Ideas and Identities of Two Cantonese Socialists, 1917–1928

3. How to localize Marxism in China

4. Rural Revitalization in China : A Socialist Road with Chinese Characteristics

5. China in the New Era : Interviews with Politicians and Academics From the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

8. Weibo Feminism : Expression, Activism, and Social Media in China

9. Xi Jinping, the governance of China

13. Construction Of Democracy, The: China's Theory, Strategy And Agenda

15. Newborn Socialist Things : Materiality in Maoist China

16. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics : A Guide for Foreigners

17. ˜Theœ construction of democracy : China's theory, strategy and agenda

19. Red Silk : Class, Gender, and Revolution in China's Yangzi Delta Silk Industry

21. ˜Theœ governance of China

23. Chinese Marxism in Flux 1978-84 : Essays on Epistemology, Ideology and Political Economy

26. China's Soviet Dream : Propaganda, Culture, and Popular Imagination

28. Fundamentals of Political Economy

29. Postsocialist Conditions : Ideas and History in China’s 'Independent Cinema', 1988-2008

30. The Road to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

31. Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia

32. Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia

33. Socialist law in Socialist East Asia

34. Stalin and Mao: A Comparison of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions

35. The governance of China

36. Zhong guo fu xing de zhe xue tan tao / 中国复兴的哲学探讨

38. Chinese socialism a reference for developing countries:

39. Nazis in Tibet : das Rätsel um die SS-Expedition Ernst Schäfer

40. Study on the auditing system of socialism with Chinese characteristics

41. Xi Jinping tan zhi guo li zheng / 习近平谈治国理政

42. Xi Jinping's Governance and the Future of China

44. China's Transition From Socialism? : Statist Legacies and Market Reforms, 1980-90

47. The Political Economy of Chinese Development

48. Workers and Workplaces in Revolutionary China

50. ˜Theœ Cultural Revolution on trial : Mao and the Gang of Four

53. City of Virtues : Nanjing in an Age of Utopian Visions

54. Is the East Still Red? : Socialism and the Market in China

59. On Social Interests and Conflict : A Socialist Analysis of Contemporary China

60. On social interests and conflict : ˜aœ socialist analysis of contemporary China

61. On Social Interests and Conflict: A Socialist Analysis of Contemporary China

62. Privatizing China : Socialism from Afar

63. Privatizing China : Socialism From Afar

64. Social Change in Contemporary China and the Theory of Social Contradictions : The Social Class and Interest Group Analysis in Contemporary China

82. The Cultural Revolution at the Margins

87. Insurgency Trap : Labor Politics in Postsocialist China

89. A Mirror for Socialism

90. Research report on the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, Volume 5

98. ˜Aœ Mirror for Socialism

99. ˜Theœ Cultural Revolution at the Margins : Chinese Socialism in Crisis

100. ˜Theœ governance of China


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