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A prototype is an early model of a product. A prototype is born from an idea for a product. It is typically built, tested, and redesigned as necessary until an acceptable final version is achieved. Once a prototype is considered final, the product...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

1. Embedded mobile App prototyping

2. Paper Prototyping : The Fast and Easy Way to Design and Refine User Interfaces

3. Prototyping processes

4. The role of prototyping and co-creation in circular economy-oriented innovation: A longitudinal case study in the kitchen industry

6. Prototyping

17. Mergulhão Bot: Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Hybrid Vehicle for Oil Leakage Detection

19. 3D Printer Technology Selection in Rapid Prototyping: A Spherical Fuzzy AHP Approach.

20. Prototyping : An Approach to Evolutionary System Development

35. A Scalable and Cost-Efficient Antenna Testbed Using FPGA-Server Compound Structures for Prototyping 6G Applications

36. Prototyping : A Practitioner's Guide

39. Prototyping and control of a robotic gripper

42. Modeling and prototyping of composite products

48. Humanized maternity care: a framework for prototyping and testing experiences

52. Sym-to-real Emulation and Low-cost Prototyping for Undergraduate Introductory Robotics

61. An empirically based model of software prototyping : a mapping study and a multi-case study

69. Assessment to Enhance Air Force and Department of Defense Prototyping for the New Defense Strategy : A Workshop Summary

74. Rethink! Prototyping : Transdisciplinary Concepts of Prototyping

78. Implementation of Hysteresis Current Controllers with Switching Frequency Limitation for Electric Traction Systems with Induction Motor and Rotor Field Orientation Control Using dSpace Prototyping Board

88. Human-Centered AI Product Prototyping with No-Code AutoML: Conceptual Framework, Potentials and Limitations

89. Supporting Meta-model-based Language Evolution and Rapid Prototyping with Automated Grammar Optimization

90. StarCraftImage: A Dataset For Prototyping Spatial Reasoning Methods For Multi-Agent Environments

91. The Artificial Lyricist: Prototyping an Interactive Opera for Humans and Machines

93. Prototyping for Designers : Developing the Best Digital and Physical Products


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