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2. Migrant adolescents' experience of depression as they, their parents, and their health-care professionals describe it: a systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis.

3. Multiple Chronic Conditions and Disability among Vietnamese Older Adults: Results from the Vietnamese Aging and Care Survey (VACS)

4. Health Risks of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Federal Custody and in US Communities.

5. 100 ancient genomes show repeated population turnovers in Neolithic Denmark

6. Relations between self-regulation and behavioral adjustment in Chinese American immigrant children during early elementary school years.

7. Advancing Research To Address The Health Impacts Of Structural Racism In US Immigration Prisons.

8. Immigrants Enforcement Experiences and Concern about Accessing Public Benefits or Services.

16. Racial disparities of gastric cancer in the USA: an overview of epidemiology, global screening guidelines, and targeted screening in a heterogeneous population.

17. It Comes in Steps and Stages: Experiences of People Living with HIV in Achieving Employment.

18. Predicted Health Literacy Disparities Between Immigrant and US-Born Racial/Ethnic Minorities: a Nationwide Study.

19. Acculturation and Cardiometabolic Abnormalities Among Chinese and Korean Americans

20. The citizenship shield: Mediated and moderated links between immigration status, discrimination, food insecurity, and negative health outcomes for latinx immigrants during the COVID‐19 pandemic

21. "We could see our real selves:" The COVID-19 syndemic and the transition to telehealth for a school-based prevention program for newcomer Latinx immigrant youth.

22. Barriers to access intimate partner violence services in female Romanian immigrants in Spain: A Delphi study.

24. A Longitudinal Mediation Analysis of the Interrelations among Exclusionary Immigration Policy, Ethnic Identity, and Self-Esteem of Latinx Early Adolescents.

25. Lessons Learned from Health Disparities in Coronavirus Disease-2019 in the United States

26. Beyond Chilling Effects: Latinx and Asian Immigrants Experiences With Enforcement and Barriers to Health Care.

27. Immigration and Immigrant Policies, Health, and Health Equity in the United States

28. Perceived stress, recent stressors, and distress in relation to sleep disturbance and duration among middle-aged and older Asian immigrants.

34. Peer interventions to improve HIV testing uptake among immigrants: A realist review

35. Effects of the Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act on immigrant children's healthcare access.

36. Polish immigrants' access to colorectal cancer screening in Norway - a qualitative study.

37. Peer interventions to improve HIV testing uptake among immigrants: A realist review.

38. Perceptions of and Knowledge Acquisition about Brain Health and Aging among Latin American Immigrants:A QualitativePaper

39. Longitudinal relations between self-regulatory skills and mathematics achievement in early elementary school children from Chinese American immigrant families.

40. The Cross-Sectional Association of Sleep Disturbance and Sleep Apnea With Complex Multimorbidity Among Chinese and Korean Americans.

41. Maternal per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances exposures associated with higher depressive symptom scores among immigrant women in the Chemicals in Our Bodies cohort in San Francisco

42. Maternity Care at the Intersections of Language, Ethnicity, and Immigration Status: A Qualitative Study.

43. African immigrants favorable preterm birth rates challenge genetic etiology of the Black-White disparity in preterm birth.

44. Acculturation and self-rated health among Chinese and Korean immigrants aged 49 to 75.

45. Occupational Stress: A Concept Analysis with Implications for Immigrant Workers Mental Health in the United States.

46. The Mediating Role of Sleep Disturbance on the Association Between Stress and Self-Rated Health Among Chinese and Korean Immigrant Americans

47. Psychiatric Admissions Among Undocumented Immigrants at an Urban County Hospital.

48. Cocirculation and replacement of SARS-CoV-2 variants in crowded settings and marginalized populations along the US-Mexico border

49. Perceptions of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 testing and vaccination in Latinx and Indigenous Mexican immigrant communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley

50. Nativity and perinatal outcome disparities in the United States: Beyond the immigrant paradox.

51. Avoiding Medicaid enrollment after the reversal of the changes in the public charge rule among Latino and Asian immigrants.

52. Effects of the Childrens Health Insurance Reauthorization Act on immigrant childrens healthcare access.

53. Association of California Immigrants' Avoidance of Public Programs Due to Immigration Concerns With Delayed Access to Health Care

54. Cumulative Risk of Immigration Prison Conditions on Health Outcomes Among Detained Immigrants in California

55. Diminished Advantage or Persistent Protection? A New Approach to Assess Immigrants Mortality Advantages Over Time.

61. Satisfaction with access to health services among foreign-born population in Finland: a survey-based study.

62. Racial Discrimination and Health-Related Quality of Life: An Examination Among Asian American Immigrants

63. Experiences of Sleep Problems Among Older Korean Immigrants.


65. Heterogeneity in the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors by Ethnicity and Birthplace Among Asian Subgroups: Evidence From the 2010 to 2018 National Health Interview Survey

66. Unlocking the mechanisms of change in the MAMAACT intervention to reduce ethnic disparity in stillbirth and newborns' health: integration of evaluation findings

68. Occupational health within the bounds of primary care: Factors shaping the health of Latina/o immigrant workers in federally qualified health centers

69. Correlates of Undiagnosed Hypertension Among Chinese and Korean American Immigrants

70. Burden of cardiovascular risk factors and disease in five Asian groups in Catalonia: a disaggregated, population-based analysis of 121 000 first-generation Asian immigrants.

71. The association of acculturative stress with self-reported sleep disturbance and sleep duration among Asian Americans.

72. Social influence of adult children on parental health behavior among South Asian immigrants: findings from the MASALA (Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asians Living in America) study

73. Mexican-Origin Women’s Construction and Navigation of Racialized Identities: Implications for Health Amidst Restrictive Immigrant Policies

74. Social exclusion at the intersections of immigration, employment, and healthcare policy: A qualitative study of Mexican and Chinese immigrants in California.

75. Cognitive Functioning and Nail Salon Occupational Exposure among Vietnamese Immigrant Women in Northern California.

76. Associations of Self-Reported Sleep Quality with Demographic and Other Characteristics in Older Korean Immigrants

79. Non-vaccination Against COVID-19 Among Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants Adults in Peru: A Cross-sectional Study, 2022

80. The SWIM study: Ethnic minority women's ideas and preferences for a tailored intervention to promote national cancer screening programmes—A qualitative interview study.

82. Social support as a moderator of physical disability and mental health in older Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S.: Results from the Vietnamese aging and care survey (VACS)

83. Early Release - Overseas Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in US–Bound Immigrants - Volume 28, Number 3—March 2022 - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC

84. Impact of Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric on Latinx Families' Perceptions of Child Safety and Health Care Access

85. A Window Into Mental Health: Developing and Pilot-Testing a Mental Health Promotion Intervention for Mexican Immigrants Through the Ventanilla de Salud Program

86. The structural impacts of enforcement policy on Latino immigrant health

87. Association between immigration enforcement encounters and COVID-19 testing and delays in care: a cross-sectional study of undocumented young adult immigrants in california

90. Haga usted el diagnóstico: Paracoccidioidomicosis ganglionar juvenil.

91. Health literacy and health behaviors of Guinean university students residing in Brazil

92. Development and evaluation of a tailored mHealth parenting program for multicultural families: a three-arm cluster randomized controlled trial

93. Lifecourse socioeconomic changes and late-life cognition in a cohort of U.S.-born and U.S. immigrants: findings from the KHANDLE study

94. Microbial co-occurrence complicates associations of gut microbiome with US immigration, dietary intake and obesity

95. Asian Pacific Americans Living with HIV Who Were Smuggled Immigrants: A Qualitative Study

96. The Role of Spirituality in Conceptualizations of Health Maintenance and Healthy Aging Among Latin American Immigrants

97. Symbolic disempowerment and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election: Mental health responses among Latinx and white populations

98. Recasting the Immigrant Health Paradox Through Intersections of Legal Status and Race

99. Longitudinal relations among school context, school-based parent involvement, and academic achievement of Chinese American children in immigrant families

100. Psychometric Properties of General Self-Efficacy (GSE) Scale Korean Version for Older Korean Immigrants with Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study in the United States


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