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24. Optimization of process parameters of 3D printed thermoplastic elastomeric materials using statistical modeling with particular reference to mechanical properties and print quality.

25. A critical review on fractographic studies of steel cord and bead wire used in tyre reinforcement.

34. Ultra‐stretchable thermoplastic elastomeric materials based on styrene–isoprene–styrene triblock copolymer: Influence of calcium copper titanate on mechanical and dielectric properties.

56. Development of high melt strength polypropylene and its application in thermoplastic elastomeric composition.

72. Distinct Melt Viscoelastic Properties of Novel Nanostructured and Microstructured Thermoplastic Elastomeric Blends from Polyamide 6 and Fluoroelastomer.

76. Morphology and Physico-Mechanical Threshold of α-Cellulose as Filler in an E-SBR Composite.


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