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1. Same but different: Larval development and gall-inducing process of a non-pollinating fig wasp compared to that of pollinating fig-wasps

2. Specialization and phenological synchrony of plant-pollinator interactions along an altitudinal gradient

3. Soil fertility and parasitoids shape herbivore selection on plants

4. Smooth bark surfaces can defend trees against insect attack: resurrecting a 'slippery' hypothesis

5. Simulated climate warming alters phenological synchrony between an outbreak insect herbivore and host trees

6. Short-term spatial stability in trophic interactions

7. Secondary dispersal by ants promotes forest regeneration after deforestation

8. Seasonal phenology of interactions involving short-lived annual plants, a multivoltine herbivore and its endoparasitoid wasp

9. Roles of the volatile terpene, 1,8-cineole, in plant-herbivore interactions: a foraging odor cue as well as a toxin?

10. Restoration of a megaherbivore: landscape-level impacts of white rhinoceros in Kruger National Park, South Africa


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