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A prototype is an early model of a product. A prototype is born from an idea for a product. It is typically built, tested, and redesigned as necessary until an acceptable final version is achieved. Once a prototype is considered final, the product...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

2. Environmental Impacts of Distributed Manufacturing from 3-D Printing of Polymer Components and Products

4. Prototyping of a Pass-Band Chaos-Based CDMA System in FPGA Technology

6. Designing a Collaborative Virtual Reality Game for Teen-Robot Interactions

7. Design, implementation and prototyping of a flexible architecture dedicated to block turbo decoding

8. Integrated Prototyping in View of the 100 MeV Linac for Myrrha Phase 1

9. Innovations in GIS 4

10. System Design and Prototyping for the CMS Level-1 Trigger at the High-Luminosity LHC


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