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Chemical technology.

Chemical technology is concerned with the physical environment and devices in which chemical transformations or reactions are carried out, as well as the instrumentation and control systems that are used to monitor, analyze, and control those...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

1. Aplicación de los ultrasonidos de potencia en la etapa de batido de las pastas de aceitunas. Efecto sobre el rendimiento del proceso y características del aceite producido

3. A numerical investigation of the two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic water-based hybrid nanofluid flow composed of Fe3O4 and Au nanoparticles over a heated surface

4. Magnetized water-based hybrid nanofluid flow over an exponentially stretching sheet with thermal convective and mass flux conditions: HAM solution

5. Impact of multiple slips on thermally radiative peristaltic transport of Sisko nanofluid with double diffusion convection, viscous dissipation, and induced magnetic field

6. Polydopamine films: Versatile but interface-dependent coatings

7. Potential of hospital wastewater treatment using locally isolated Chlorella sp. LH2 from cocoon wastewater

8. Effect of adaptive laboratory evolution of engineered Escherichia coli in acetate on the biosynthesis of succinic acid from glucose in two-stage cultivation

9. Biodegradability of leather: a crucial indicator to evaluate sustainability of leather

10. Biomineralized synthesis of luminescent protease-(NH4)2Y3F11•H2O hybrid nanospheres and their applications as a stable and reusable enzyme reactor


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