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1. Sur les traces d’Omar ibn Saïd, esclave musulman originaire du Fuuta Tooro (Sénégal)

2. Bolstering Education Statistics to Serve the Nation

3. Using generative artificial intelligence in bibliometric analysis: 10 years of research trends from the European Resuscitation Congresses

10. Southeastern Surgical Congress Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Symposium: Creating a DEI Culture of Safety at Your Medical School and Residency Program.

13. The Expansion of Title V: A Historical Analysis of the Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans Program.

16. Opening Heaven's Door: Public Opinion and Congressional Votes on the 1965 Immigration Act.

22. The Home Front: World War I, Tenant Activism, and Housing Policy Before the New Deal.

24. Partisan Appeals to Bipartisanship.

30. Views on the hill: Disagreement and effectiveness in U.S. Senate agenda setting.

31. Partisan Differences in the Sharing of Low-Quality News Sources by U.S Political Elites.

32. Seeking and surveilled: the effects of Tumblr’s sexual content ban on sugar babies’ posts.

35. The reputational costs of connections to controversial politicians: Evidence from political scandals.

37. Lisch Epithelial Corneal Dystrophy Is Caused by Heterozygous Loss-of-Function Variants in MCOLN1

39. Upcoming meetings.

40. Deeply integrating unsupervised semantics and syntax into heterogeneous graphs for inductive text classification.

42. The effects of the Federal Reserve Chair's testimony on interest rates and stock prices.

47. Reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act: a COVID Mandate.

48. When are firms on the hot seat? An analysis of SEC investigation preferences.


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