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1. Ultralow Dissipation Nanomechanical Devices from Monocrystalline Silicon Carbide

2. Unified laser stabilization and isolation on a silicon chip

3. Single-Shot Readout and Weak Measurement of a Tin-Vacancy Qubit in Diamond

4. Titanium:Sapphire-on-insulator for broadband tunable lasers and high-power amplifiers on chip

6. An inverse-designed nanophotonic interface for excitons in atomically thin materials

7. Quantum Photonic Circuits Integrated with Color Centers in Designer Nanodiamonds

8. 27.4 Inverse Designed, Densely Integrated Classical and Quantum Photonics

10. Efficient Photonic Integration of Diamond Color Centers and Thin-Film Lithium Niobate

11. Microwave Spin Control of a Tin-Vacancy Qubit in Diamond

12. Tunable vector beam decoder by inverse design for high-dimensional quantum key distribution with 3D polarized spatial modes

17. Heterogeneous Integration of SiV- Centers in Diamond with Lithium Niobate Photonics for Quantum Networks

20. Coherent Spin Control of a Tin Vacancy Center in Diamond


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