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1. Portugal : Tackling the Jobs Crisis in Portugal

2. Portugal : Selected Issues Paper

4. Portugal : 2012 Article IV Consultation and Sixth Review Under the Extended Arrangement and Request for Waivers of Applicability of End-December Performance Arrangement Criteria, Staff Reports, Public Information Notice and Press Release on the Executive Board Discu

7. Portugal : The Impossible Revolution?

8. Contemporary Portugal : Dimensions of Economic and Political Change

9. CultureShock! Portugal

10. The Portugal Journal

11. Assessing Teachers' Social and Emotional Competence: The Validation of SECTRS in Italy, Latvia, and Portugal

13. Portugal--The Education, Training and Functions of Technicians. Scientific and Technical Personnel.

14. Portugal and the Lusophone World : Law, Geopolitics and Institutional Cooperation

18. Contemporary Portugal : The Revolution and Its Antecedents

20. Brasileiros em Portugal : Por que alguns imigrantes retornam e outros permanecem?


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