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1. Direct electron beam patterning of electro-optically active PEDOT:PSS

2. Nanodiamond grain boundaries and lattice expansion drive Silicon vacancy emission heterogeneity

5. A Quantum Photonic Interface for Tin-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

7. Narrow-linewidth tin-vacancy centers in a diamond waveguide

8. Generation of Tin-Vacancy Centers in Diamond via Shallow Ion Implantation and Subsequent Diamond Overgrowth

13. Impact of Rigidity on Molecular Self-Assembly

14. Frequency Tunable Single-Photon Emission From a Single Atomic Defect in a Solid

16. Cavity-enhanced Raman emission from a single color center in a solid

17. Strongly Cavity-Enhanced Spontaneous Emission from Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

18. Strong Cavity Enhancement of Spontaneous Emission from Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

19. Diamond Color Center Integration with a Silicon Carbide Photonics Platform

20. Optimized photonics: From on-chip nonclassical light sources to circuits


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