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Literature: Research Starters Topic.

Literature is the realm of emotions, characters, imagination, and subjectivity. The author, unconstrained by the strict laws of nature, creates worlds, people, and events as the imagination desires. The resulting stories are usually told by a...

Literature: Research Starters Topic, 2021. 1p.

1. Literature: An Introduction to Theory and Analysis

2. Latino Literature : An Encyclopedia for Students

3. Literature in Motion : Translating Multilingualism Across the Americas

4. Literature

5. Literature and Class : From the Peasants’ Revolt to the French Revolution

6. Literature and Consolation

7. Rabbinic Literature

8. Literature and Capital

9. Forbidden Literature : Case Studies on Censorship

10. Literature As Document : Generic Boundaries in 1930s Western Literature

11. Introduction to Literature

12. Notes to Literature

13. Pragmatics and Literature

14. Literature and Weather : Shakespeare - Goethe - Zola

15. Literature As Witness : Five Masterworks Ad Dei Gloriam

16. Power and Literature : Strategies of Subversiveness in the Romanian Novel

17. Anti-Literature : The Politics and Limits of Representation in Modern Brazil and Argentina

18. Interbellum Literature : Writing in a Season of Nihilism

19. Nordic Literature : A Comparative History. Volume I: Spatial Nodes

20. Literature and 'Interregnum' : Globalization, War, and the Crisis of Sovereignty in Latin America


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