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2. FineDiffusion: Scaling up Diffusion Models for Fine-grained Image Generation with 10,000 Classes

5. Iterated Clique Reductions in Vertex Weighted Coloring for Large Sparse Graphs.

7. Online computation offloading with double reinforcement learning algorithm in mobile edge computing.

9. Data-Driven Flexible Vehicle Scheduling and Route Optimization

11. Optimized Large-Scale Road Sensing Through Crowdsourced Vehicles.

16. Algorithms and architectures for parallel processing : 21st international conference, ICA3PP 2021, virtual event, December 3–5, 2021, proceedings, part I

18. Utility-Based Matching of Vehicles and Hybrid Requests on Rider Demand Responsive Systems

20. An Adaptive Robust Semi-Supervised Clustering Framework Using Weighted Consensus of Random k-Means Ensemble.


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