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Computer Security.

Computer security is the practice of keeping a computer, a computer network, and the information stored on computers free from malware or other unauthorized access. Many people save credit card information, photographs, and other important...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

1. Computer Security and Encryption : An Introduction

9. SoK (or SoLK?): On the Quantitative Study of Sociodemographic Factors and Computer Security Behaviors

10. Large Language Models and Computer Security

11. Transforming Computer Security and Public Trust Through the Exploration of Fine-Tuning Large Language Models

12. Good Examples Help; Bad Tools Hurt: Lessons for Teaching Computer Security Skills to Undergraduates

17. Computer Security Aspects of Design for Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants

18. Computer Security Techniques for Nuclear Facilities : Technical Guidence

19. Computer Security for Nuclear Security : Implementing Guide


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