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1. Topology-Driven Generative Completion of Lacunae in Molecular Data

2. SAUCE: Truncated Sparse Document Signature Bit-Vectors for Fast Web-Scale Corpus Expansion

3. Large-scale Taxonomy Induction Using Entity and Word Embeddings

4. Walk Extraction Strategies for Node Embeddings with RDF2Vec in Knowledge Graphs

5. Exploiting Semantic Web Knowledge Graphs in Data Mining

11. A Polyvocal and Contextualised Semantic Web


14. Refining Transitive and Pseudo-Transitive Relations at Web Scale

15. Discovering Research Hypotheses in Social Science Using Knowledge Graph Embeddings

16. Analysing Large Inconsistent Knowledge Graphs Using Anti-patterns

17. kgbench: A Collection of Knowledge Graph Datasets for Evaluating Relational and Multimodal Machine Learning

18. A System for Suggestion and Execution of Semantically Annotated Actions Based on Service Composition

19. GEval: A Modular and Extensible Evaluation Framework for Graph Embedding Techniques


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