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1. Heterogeneous robot teams with unified perception and autonomy: How Team CSIRO Data61 tied for the top score at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge

4. A Real-time Edge-AI System for Reef Surveys

5. Monitoring of Pigmented Skin Lesions Using 3D Whole Body Imaging

7. Continuous Human Action Recognition for Human-Machine Interaction: A Review

9. The CSIRO Crown-of-Thorn Starfish Detection Dataset

13. Heterogeneous Ground and Air Platforms, Homogeneous Sensing: Team CSIRO Data61's Approach to the DARPA Subterranean Challenge

18. Model Reduction for the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi Model: The Importance of Non-entrained Rogue Oscillators

19. Model reduction for the collective dynamics of globally coupled oscillators: From finite networks to the thermodynamic limit

22. Chaos in networks of coupled oscillators with multimodal natural frequency distributions

24. Cutting and shuffling a hemisphere: non-orthogonal axes

27. Optimized mixing by cutting-and-shuffling

28. Chaos and the Flow Capture Problem: Polluting is Easy, Cleaning is Hard

29. Improving Object Localization with Fitness NMS and Bounded IoU Loss

30. Mixing and transport from combined stretching-and-folding and cutting-and-shuffling

31. Advancing cell therapies for intervertebral disc regeneration from the lab to the clinic: Recommendations of the ORS spine section

36. Localized shear generates three-dimensional transport

41. Mixing of discontinuously deforming media

42. Bifurcations and degenerate periodic points in a three dimensional chaotic fluid flow

48. Pentosan Polysulfate: Oral Versus Subcutaneous Injection in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I Dogs

71. Mystery.

74. Advancing basic and preclinical spine research: Highlights from the ORS PSRS 6th International Spine Research Symposium.

83. Creating robust high-throughput traffic sign detectors using centre-surround HOG statistics : Car Navigation and Vehicle Systems

87. The role of mineral content in determining the micromechanical properties of discrete trabecular bone remodeling packets

90. Combined CT colonography and I8F-FDG PET of colon polyps : Potential technique for selective detection of cancer and precancerous lesions


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