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23. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Improvement Act Amendments : report (to accompany H.R. 3620).

25. Hydrogeologic characterization and assessment of bioremediation of chlorinated benzenes and benzene in wetland areas, standard chlorine of Delaware, inc. superfund site, New Castle County, Delaware, 2009-12

26. Assessment of natural resources and watershed conditions for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

29. Birds of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

30. Feasibility study of economics and performance of solar photovoltaics at the Standard Chlorine of Delaware Superfund site in Delaware City, Delaware : a study prepared in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency for the RE-Powering America's Land Initiative, siting renewable energy on potentially contaminated land and mine sites

31. Delaware Politics and Government

32. Three-dimensional hydrodynamic model developments for a Delaware River and Bay nowcast/forecast system

39. Residence time, chemical and isotopic analysis of nitrate in the groundwater and surface water of a small agricultural watershed in the coastal plain, Bucks Branch, Sussex County, Delaware


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