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Sociology of health and illness.

Critical approaches during the twentieth century claimed that health is a social construction, challenging the view held since the Enlightenment that medicine is an exact science. The sociology of health and illness looks at societal patterns...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

3. Lack of social support, gender and colorectal cancer screening participation across Europe: How do screening programmes mitigate the effect of social support for men and women?

6. Making robots matter in dementia care: Conceptualising the triadic interaction between caregiver, resident and robot animal.

7. Negotiating pace, focus and identities: Patient/public involvement/engagement in a palliative care study.

9. Political Ideology Direction of Policy Agendas and Maternal Mortality Outcomes in the U.S., 1915–2007.

19. Validation of the Standardized Needs Evaluation Questionnaire in Polish Cancer Patients.

20. Hospital corridors as lived spaces: The reconfiguration of social boundaries during the early stages of the Covid pandemic.


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