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1. Seasonal and spatial variations between the fish community and environmental factors in a subtropical estuary.

2. The Nationalization of Individual Campaign Contributions in U.S. Senate Elections, 1984-2020.

3. Non-Religious Identity Salience for Candidate Choice.

4. Upcoming meetings.

5. Updates in head and neck cytopathology: Insights from European Congress of Pathology Short Course.

6. Fit for purpose? 'One China' Policy and security in Sino-American relations.

7. The future of gender research in small‐scale fisheries: Priorities and pathways for advancing gender equity.

8. "What Were They Thinking?": The Exclusion of Medicare Home Health From Providing Supplemental Social Needs Benefits.

9. So Much for Plain Language: An Analysis of the Accessibility of U.S. Federal Laws Over Time.

10. Hospice at Home: Historical Perspectives and Their Implications for End-of-Life Care Today.

11. Every vote you make: Attachment and state culture predict bipartisanship in U.S. Congress.

12. The Intergroup Value Protection Model: A Theoretically Integrative and Dynamic Approach to Intergroup Conflict Escalation in Democratic Societies.

13. Partisan Differences in the Sharing of Low-Quality News Sources by U.S Political Elites.

14. Low surgical weight associated with ETV failure in pediatric hydrocephalus patients.

15. The decline of incrementalism in U.S. lawmaking.

16. The Deaths of Ideas in Congress.

17. The state of emergency medicine in Greece: at critical momentum.

18. Current Comment: The Methods of Sydenham (1624-1689).

19. Proposed Principles for International Bioethics Conferencing: Anti-Discriminatory, Global, and Inclusive.

20. Career Concerns and the Dynamics of Electoral Accountability.


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