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12. Improving surface and dimensional quality with an additive manufacturing-based hybrid technique.

25. Effects of fused filament fabrication process parameters on tensile properties of polyether ketone ketone (PEKK).

26. Micro-metal additive manufacturing – state-of-art and perspectives.

29. Manufacturability and surface characterisation of polymeric microfluidic devices for biomedical applications.

30. Prediction of mechanical behaviors of L-DED fabricated SS 316L parts via machine learning.

31. A comprehensive review on 3D printing advancements in polymer composites: technologies, materials, and applications.

37. The influence of CAD model continuity on accuracy and productivity of CNC machining.

44. A digital twin ecosystem for additive manufacturing using a real-time development platform.

45. Sequential optimization of the injection molding gate locations using parallel efficient global optimization.

46. Experimental investigation and numerical simulations of temperature and morphology in material extrusion additive manufacturing.

75. Feature-based double-sided deformation machining approach for manufacturing freeform monolithic components.


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