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1. TRIZ-based method for developing a conceptual laparoscopic surgeon’s chair

2. A novel design strategy to enhance buckling resistance of thin-walled single-cell lattice structures via topology optimisation

3. Multifunctional and multimaterial contact lenses: tailored solutions for tunable color filtering and tear pH sensing

4. Modelling, optimization, and testing of novel cuboidal spherical plate lattice structures

5. Development of a novel gantry system for cooperative printing of plastic materials

6. Wire-arc directed energy deposition of monolithic and bimetallic structures of maraging 250 steel

7. 17-4 PH and SS316L bimetallic structures via additive manufacturing

8. Deposition dynamics and analysis of polyurethane foam structure boundaries for aerial additive manufacturing

9. Modeling and application of droplet oscillation momentum for elucidating the development of surface roughness in wire-arc additive manufacturing

10. Electron beam powder bed fusion enables crack-free, high-strength and sufficiently ductile chemically complex intermetallic alloys

11. Manipulating melt pool thermofluidic transport in directed energy deposition driven by a laser intensity spatial shaping strategy

12. Sub-microscale 3D printing based on cold-constrained local electrodeposition

13. Heterogeneous grain structure in biodegradable Zn prepared via mechanical alloying and laser powder bed fusion for strength-plasticity synergy

14. Effect of heat treatment and electroless Ni-P coating on mechanical property and corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

15. Incorporating coarse aggregates into 3D concrete printing from mixture design and process control to structural behaviours and practical applications: a review

16. Effects of path patterns on residual stresses and deformations of directed energy deposition-arc built blocks

17. A non-probabilistic convex modelling framework for uncertainty quantification of laser powder bed fusion fabricated structures based on limited data

18. Enhancing the sensitivity of 3D printed sensors via ironing and void reduction

19. Large-format additive manufacturing of polymers: a review of fabrication processes, materials, and design

20. Multi-objective optimisation of process parameters for laser-based directed energy deposition of a mixture of H13 and M2 steel powders on 4Cr5Mo2SiV1 steel

21. Microstructural evolution modelling and low-stress fatigue performance of bimodal-structured Al-Mg-Sc-Zr alloy produced by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

22. Fatigue performance of metal additive manufacturing: a comprehensive overview

23. Revealing formation mechanism of end of process depression in laser powder bed fusion by multi-physics meso-scale simulation

24. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Cu alloy during wire and arc additive manufacturing by adding micron TiB2 particles

25. Energy absorption and piezoresistive characteristics of 3D printed honeycomb composites with hybrid cell architecture

26. Additive manufacturing of self-sensing parts through material extrusion

27. Enhanced bone regeneration with bioprinted GelMA/Bentonite scaffolds inspired by bone matrix

28. Topology optimisation for vat photopolymerization 3D printing of ceramics with flushing jet accessibility constraint

29. Three-dimensional, soft magnetic-cored solenoids via multi-material extrusion

30. Internal topology optimisation of 3D printed concrete structures: a method for enhanced performance and material efficiency

31. LattSAC: a software for the acoustic modelling of lattice sound absorbers

32. Mapping 3D printed part density and filament flow characteristics in the material extrusion (MEX) process for filled and unfilled polymers

33. Frequency- and bandwidth-controllable electromagnetic absorber using 3D-printed shape memory meta-wires

34. Truss-plate hybrid lattice metamaterials with broadband vibration attenuation and enhanced energy absorption

35. A novel layer-based optimization method for stabilizing the early printing stage of LPBF process

36. Mechanical, materials, and physicochemical effects on the high-temperature tribological behaviour of laser additive manufacturing AlCoCrFeNi2.1 eutectic high-entropy alloys

37. Mechanical property enhancement in additively manufactured NiTi double-asymmetric honeycombs with bioinspired graded design

38. High-efficiency pentafluorostilbene-based photocatalysts dedicated to preparing fluorescent 3D printed polymer nanocomposites

39. Hygro-thermal coupling on 4D-printed biocomposites as key for meteosensitive shape-changing materials

40. Detection and quantitative evaluation of surface defects in wire and arc additive manufacturing based on 3D point cloud

41. Use of creep and recovery protocol to assess the printability of fibre-reinforced 3D printed white Portland cement composites

42. Grain refinement of NiTi alloys during ultrasound-assisted wire-arc directed energy deposition

43. 3D-printing of architected calcium silicate binders with enhanced and in-situ carbonation

44. Prediction of low-cycle fatigue properties of additive manufactured IN718 by crystal plasticity modelling incorporating effects from crystallographic orientations and defects

45. Effects of sacrificial coating material in laser shock peening of L-PBF printed AlSi10Mg

46. Mechanical properties enhancement of 3D-printed HA-PLA composites using ultrasonic vibration assistance

47. Development and experimental evaluation of surface enhancement methods for laser powder directed energy deposition microchannels

48. Co-continuous structure enhanced magnetic responsive shape memory PLLA/TPU blend fabricated by 4D printing

49. The role of controlled voids shape on the flexural properties of 3D printed food: an approach for tailoring their mechanical properties

50. Upgrading analytical models to predict the onset of degradation in selective laser sintering


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