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1. Adaptation of an automated assay for determination of beta-hydroxybutyrate in dogs using a random access analyzer.

2. The Meaning of Illness Questionnaire: further evidence for its reliability and validity.

3. Association of polymorphisms in the apolipoprotein E region with susceptibility to and progression of multiple sclerosis.

4. Toxic equivalency factors for PAH and their applicability in shellfish pollution monitoring studies.

5. Myogenic reactivity is reduced in small renal arteries isolated from relaxin-treated rats.

6. Antithrombin 'DREUX' (Lys 114Glu): a variant with complete loss of heparin affinity.

7. Multiple susceptibility loci for multiple sclerosis.

8. Standards for hospital libraries 2002.

9. Health effects of World Trade Center site workers.

10. Efficient production of Arthromyces ramosus peroxidase by Aspergillus awamori.

11. Prevalence of obsessive compulsive disorder in first- and multi-episode male patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.

12. Butyrate-treated colonic Caco-2 cells exhibit defective integrin-mediated signaling together with increased apoptosis and differentiation.

13. Firing patterns of type II spiral ganglion neurons in vitro.

14. Investigation of seven proposed regions of linkage in multiple sclerosis: an American and French collaborative study.

15. Anxiety disorders and schizophrenia.

16. Meta-analysis of 13 genome scans reveals multiple cleft lip/palate genes with novel loci on 9q21 and 2q32-35.

17. Positive end-expiratory pressure above lower inflection point minimizes influx of activated neutrophils into lung.

18. Obsessive compulsive disorder--prevalence in Xhosa-speaking schizophrenia patients.

19. The prevalence, correlates, and costs of depression in people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario: implications for service directions.

20. Standards for hospital libraries 2002 with 2004 revisions.


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