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1. Man-Machine Interface Design for Modeling and Simulation Software

2. Man-machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: features and design experience

4. The Evolution of an Information System for Managerial Use: a longitudinal study

5. Realidade virtual e suas aplicações na área de manufatura, treinamento, simulação e desenvolvimento de produto Virtual reality and its applications in manufacturing, training, simulation and product development

6. Electrochemical Sensor Research at the Laboratoire d'Electrochimie of the EPFL

7. Manufacturing of Micro-Components for New Applications in Chemistry by Injection Moulding of Polymers

8. Prototyping organisational variants of repetitive production



11. Compact Manufacturing Systems Structural Synthesis Automation

12. System requirements for a computerised patient record information system at a busy primary health care clinic

13. AVSynDEx: A Rapid Prototyping Process Dedicated to the Implementation of Digital Image Processing Applications on Multi-DSP and FPGA Architectures

14. PROLOG & TXL: A Case Study for Prototyping Structural Testing Supporting Tools

15. Design Guidelines and Manufacturing Methods for Microreaction Devices

16. Real Time Wind Turbine Simulator Based On Frequency Controlled AC Servomotor

17. Designing BEE: A Hardware Emulation Engine for Signal Processing in Low-Power Wireless Applications

18. Logic Foundry: Rapid Prototyping for FPGA-Based DSP Systems

19. A Methodology for Rapid Prototyping Peak-Constrained Least-Squares Bit-Serial Finite Impulse Response Filters in FPGAs

21. Rapid Prototyping of Field Programmable Gate Array-Based Discrete Cosine Transform Approximations

22. How Rapid is Rapid Prototyping? Analysis of ESPADON Programme Results

23. A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Wireless Communication Embedded Systems

24. Triangulation of 3D Surfaces Recovered from STL Grids

25. Learning from the problems of problem-based learning

26. FPGA-based prototyping of IEEE 802.11a base band processor

27. A Unified Approach to Substructuring and Structural Modification Problems

28. Cyberbotics Ltd. Webots: Professional Mobile Robot Simulation

29. Impact of Education on Changing the Structure of Sex Discrimination Schemata

30. Accuracy analysis of the part made by selected laser sintering

31. Prototipagem como forma alternativa para realização de cranioplastia com metilmetacrilato: nota técnica Prototyping as an alternative to cranioplasty using methylmethacrylate: technical note

32. Constraint Logic Programming approach to protein structure prediction

33. Rapid precision casting for complex thin-walled aluminum alloy parts

34. A Dynamical Training and Design Simulator for Active Catheters

35. Moldes de ABS construídos pelo processo de modelagem por fusão e deposição para injeção de PP e PEBD PP and LDPE injection in ABS molds built with fused deposition modeling

36. Design and Development of the Engine Unit for a Twin-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

37. Automotive Radar and Lidar Systems for Next Generation Driver Assistance Functions

38. Optimization-Based Layout Design

39. Managing Algorithmic Skeleton Nesting Requirements in Realistic Image Processing Applications: The Case of the SKiPPER-II Parallel Programming Environment's Operating Model

40. Prototyping Neuroadaptive Smart Antenna for 3G Wireless Communications

41. Perception SoC Based on an Ultrasonic Array of Sensors: Efficient DSP Core Implementation and Subsequent Experimental Results

42. A Consistent Design Methodology for Wireless Embedded Systems

44. Prototyping of a multicell superconducting cavity for acceleration of medium-velocity beams


46. FPGA Prototyping of RNN Decoder for Convolutional Codes

47. A Fully Automated Environment for Verification of Virtual Prototypes

48. From MIMO-OFDM Algorithms to a Real-Time Wireless Prototype: A Systematic Matlab-to-Hardware Design Flow

49. Rapid Prototyping for Heterogeneous Multicomponent Systems: An MPEG-4 Stream over a UMTS Communication Link

50. Impact and Mitigation of Multiantenna Analog Front-End Mismatch in Transmit Maximum Ratio Combining

51. Rapid casting and new technologies in investment casting

52. mGrid: A load-balanced distributed computing environment for the remote execution of the user-defined Matlab code

53. GEM System: automatic prototyping of cell-wide metabolic pathway models from genomes

54. Children’s input is vital to creating an online library that meets children’s information needs

55. A new approach to develop complicated superalloy castings

56. Preparation and properties of three dimensional printing materials made from biopolymers for medical applications

57. Design models as emergent features: An empirical study in communication and shared mental models in instructional

58. Requirements Engineering Contributions on the Development of Educational Software for the Blind or People with Impaired Vision

59. Duke Surgery Research Central: an open-source Web application for the improvement of compliance with research regulation

60. Rapid manufacturing technologies. Part 1: Optimization and improvement of rapid tooling technology-Coproinmold

61. A comparative study of two rapid tooling technologies; Coproinmold – Selective Laser Sintering

62. Diseño y manufactura digital: Horizontes en la práctica y enseñanza de la arquitectura

64. XRate: a fast prototyping, training and annotation tool for phylo-grammars

65. Simulation and Optimization of Multi-domain Systems using VHDL-AMS Application to the DTC Control

66. XML format for notation of object-oriented Petri net

67. Hardware And Software Architectures For Reconfigurable Time-Critical Control Tasks

69. Tower-Top Antenna Array Calibration Scheme for Next Generation Networks

70. Unified Approach in the DSS Development Process

71. Chemical Informatics Functionality in R

72. Integrated liquid-phase sintering of glass-alumina functionally graded materials

73. Computer Aided Modelling Exercises

74. Advancing translational research with the Semantic Web

75. 'Pushing the Envelope' a modeling-based approach to the development of organic, responsive architectural form

76. Computer guided pre-operative planning and dental implant placement

77. Aplication of the stereolithography technique in complex spine surgery Aplicação da técnica de estereolitografia em cirurgias complexas da coluna

78. Moldagem por injeção da PA 6.6 em moldes de estereolitografia metalizados com Ni-P pelo processo electroless Injection molding of PA 6.6 in stereolithography moulds coated with electroless Ni-P

80. Development of high performance casting analysis software by coupled parallel computation

81. Custom-designed orthopedic implants evaluated using finite element analysis of patient-specific computed tomography data: femoral-component case study

82. Use of models in surgical predictability of oral rehabilitations Utilização de biomodelos na previsibilidade cirúrgica de reabilitações orais

83. Tower-Top Antenna Array Calibration Scheme for Next Generation Networks

84. Fragility of Vertebral Trabecular Bone under Various Loading Orientations in Ovariectomized (OVX) Rats

85. New Technologies for 3D Realization in Art and Design Practice

86. New Technologies for 3D Realization in Art and Design Practice

87. Compilation Techniques Specific for a Hardware Cryptography-Embedded Multimedia Mobile Processor

88. Finite-Element-Based Design Optimisation of a Novel High Flexion Knee Used in Total Knee Arthroplasty

89. Prototype Implementation of Two Efficient Low-Complexity Digital Predistortion Algorithms

90. Design and Implementation of an Interactive Website to Support Long-Term Maintenance of Weight Loss

91. Layered additive manufacturing in clinical medicine

92. The Effect of Layer Thickness on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wind Tunnel RP Models

93. OpenMS – An open-source software framework for mass spectrometry

94. A Versatile Prototyping System for Capacitive Sensing

95. Hardware Accelerators for Elliptic Curve Cryptography

96. Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Medical Defense


98. Automatic Tool Path Generation for Robot Integrated Surface Sculpturing System

100. Influência do desempenho térmico de moldes fabricados com compósito epóxi/alumínio nas propriedades de pp moldado por injeção Thermal behavior of epoxy/aluminum rapid tooling composite during injection molding of polypropylene


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